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As experts in rare wines, we have a competent Bordeaux selection. You will always find excellent highlights and rare vintage legends from all the top Châteaux.


Today, Burgundy wines are more sought after than ever. Discover the latest and most sought-after vintages from your favourite domaine in our exquisite Burgundy collection.

California Wines

We have a huge selection of wines from California. Are you looking for cult wines such as Harlan Estate and Screaming Eagle or insider tips with a great future?

Super Tuscans

What would the Italian wine world be today without the Super Tuscans? Thanks to the internationalisation of Tuscan viticulture, the vinophile world has been presented with absolute highlights.

Sassicaia - Tenuta San Guido

A cult wine from Tuscany that has changed the history of Italian wine. Despite its fame and prestige, Sassicaia is not a pompous or ostentatious wine, but rather a balanced and elegant expression of the terroir and the grape variety.

Sine Qua Non

Much more than just a winery: Sine Qua Non is THE cult winery in California, the quintessential boutique winery.


The most famous winery in Switzerland. The wines are known and sought after worldwide like no other from the local wine industry.