Sell Your Wine - Bottle Condition

Tasting wines that date back decades or even centuries can be a magical experience. You just have to know what to look for and where to find it.


What is the condition of wine? Wine is a natural product – every bottle of wine is unique and the level of a bottle tells you a lot about the condition of the contents. Due to the nature of older wines, the condition and fill level will vary.

We are careful to offer only wines of excellent quality and provenance. Every bottle we receive is visually inspected by hand to ensure that the overall condition meets our strict standards.

During the ageing process, the wine breathes naturally through the cork. This gradual process of oxygenation adds complexity and finesse and reduces the liquid content in the bottle.

Within a very short time we will determine the value of your wines and send you a free and non-binding offer by e-mail. We will quote you a individual price for your wines. Please note that our prices are based on bottles and cases being in perfect condition. This means: filled to the neck, undamaged and clean labels and capsules. If you agree to the offer and give us your consent to the sale, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. For larger quantities or on request, a member of our staff will collect the items personally and discreetly by appointment. We reserve the right to charge a small quantity surcharge for small quantities or individual bottles. Alternatively, wines can be sent by post by prior arrangement. On request, we will provide suitable packaging free of charge.

The only small disadvantage of a defect: a used car can still be driven even with minor damage, but you get less money for it when you sell it…

If an individual bottle is anything other than base to the neck or above, our cellar team will make a note.

Wine Fill Levels

    • IN – Into Neck: Good level for any age.
    • BN – Base Neck: Good level for wines 25+ years older.
    • VTS – Very Top Shoulder: Acceptable level for wines aged more than 40 years.
    • TS – Top Shoulder: In some cases acceptable for older wines.
    • MS – Mid Shoulder: May be an indication of poor storage conditions or early signs of cork failure. May be at significant risk of becoming undrinkable.
    • LS – Low Shoulder: A fill below the midpoint. Normally not recommended for consumption.

The fill levels for Burgundy, German and other wines in bottles with sloping necks, is measured in centimeters from the base of the cork.

Wine Label Conditions

The cosmetic defect has no influence on the quality of the wine. However, it is recorded by us.

Below you will find the terms and abbreviations we often use when describing the condition of a bottle:

    • SSL – Slightly soiled label
    • SDL – Slightly damaged label
    • BL – Bad label, heavily damaged
    • ML – Missing label, back label

Capsule and Cork Conditions

    • CC – Corroded capsule: The capsule may flake, peel or disintegrate.
    • DC – Damaged capsule, broken wax
    • CU – Cut off or missing capsule
    • RC – Raised Cork: Corks that have sunk below the top rim of the bottle.
    • DC – Depressed Corc: Corks that have sunk below the top rim of the bottle.
    • SoS – Signs of Seepage: When the wine has passed through the cork and the capsule to the outside.

Our staff have years of experience in inspecting the valuable and rare bottles we source. If the condition does not match our standards, the bottle is immediately returned to the source from which it was purchased.

Pack type and further information

    • OWC – Original Wooden Case
    • OC – Original Cardbox
    • RP – Repack: Bottles have been repacked.
    • LB – Loose Bottles
    • in OWC – Bottles in opened original wooden case
    • in OC – Bottles in opened original cardbox
    • Late Release: Matured in the winery cellar and released at a later date.
    • Ex Château: Wine comes directly from the winery.


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