Sell Your Wine - What We Buy

VINPARK focuses its purchasing on the most prestigious and sought-after wines from the best regions in the world. In order to offer the most competitive and transparent prices on the market, we concentrate on a small percentage of the world’s top wines.

Our main interest

Is in the great wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Piedmont, Tuscany and some regions of the New World. These wines tend to be the most traded and offer the best liquidity.

Search for the great names of the wine world and the best vintages. Wines in Original Wooden Cases (OWC) and Original Cartons (OC), larger collections, stock sales, but also high quality single bottles are of particular interest.

What we don't buy

Bulk wines or insignificant wines are of little interest. Small wines with a retail value of less than CHF 30.00. Over-aged wines, bottles with a fill level below the high shoulder and heavily soiled, damaged or missing labels are not purchased. Wooden crates with woodworm infestation will not be accepted.

Older or matured wines

For mature top wines (1999 and older), we recommend that you send us photos of the bottles standing upright for better inspection.

Do your wines match our interest?

Offer your wines here quickly and easily.


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